Business Editing Ensure that your business always looks professional and that your documents are free of errors

Business Documents

Many businesses produce hundreds of documents every year. As with any other publication, these need to be edited and proof-read carefully. We have experience in editing website copy, business contracts, internal and external newsletters, reports and Terms and Conditions documents, among many other types of publications. We ensure a level of professionalism across all of your business documents.

What We Offer

In common with other documents we edit these for clarity, concord, congruence, consistency and correctness in English language and logic. We also standardise minor formatting such as fonts, indentation and the like. We are prepared to rewrite short documents, while in any case we will comment extensively where necessary to assist the author(s).

We do not undertake major layout or formatting (headings and tables of contents, for instance); we offer this as an add-on service which we outsource to an expert in MSWord.

What We Promise

We boast some years’ experience of what makes for an effective and efficient commercial document in all respects. We guarantee excellent, focused and trustworthy service; a respect for the importance of deadlines; a clear grasp of the pressures businesses face.

How We Charge For Our Editing Services

We offer competitive rates especially for our clients paying in non-South African currencies. Our rates are positioned in the average range of the spectrum, based on the annual pricing surveys carried out by SAFREA, the South African Media Freelancers’ Association, and PEG, the Professional Editors’ Group. We generally quote in SA cents per word (this is an accurate, straightforward unit of measure), subject to seeing the actual document and an annual increase towards the end of each year. Graphics, graphs etc. are not included in the word count and hence not charged for, though text boxes and footnotes are. Special quotes may also be possible.

Major formatting of heading levels, ToCs and the like is not included in this price.

The service we provide is value for money: it is thorough and meticulous. Editing is highly specialised and labour-intensive and a thorough double edit (reading the document at least twice but usually more often, concentrating on different facets) of five A4 pages or about 1500 words takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Your Work is in Good Hands

The business is family-owned, Jonathan Levey who is Prof David Levey’s son will fill the role of CEO and the office was completely run by Frances. Business continuity is ensured and we look forward to working with you to ensure the high standards are kept, through the senior experienced editors that have been on board with the business for some time already.