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Professional, Expert English Editors

Completing the final draft of an article, thesis, document or book is a significant milestone. For most authors it will have been the result of weeks, months or years of work. Nevertheless, this is merely a further step in creating a work that is ready to be seen by one’s examiners or the public.

Although all authors want their final draft to be perfection, difficulties are inevitable. As the creators of their own work, writers are frequently so occupied with their particular creative process that a simple error could easily be overlooked. Words may well be misspelled, verb tenses could be confused, and often even worse mistakes may occur that programs such as spell check will overlook. Logic may falter, while gaps and repetition may lurk unnoticed. This is likely to happen to all authors. Consequently, the editing process is crucial.

At Expert English Editors we offer a professional editing service which will ensure that your written work is grammatically sound, syntactically correct and free of spelling errors as well as major logical issues, before you submit it for examination or publication. We have more than 90 years of editing experience between us and have worked on a wide range of academic, business and government publications over that time.

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How We Charge For Our Editing Services

We offer competitive rates especially for our clients paying in non-South African currencies. Our rates are positioned in the average range of the spectrum, based on the annual pricing surveys carried out by SAFREA, the South African Media Freelancers’ Association, and PEG, the Professional Editors’ Guild. We generally quote in South African cents per word (this is an accurate, straightforward unit of measure), subject to seeing the actual document and an annual increase towards the end of each year. Graphics, graphs etc. are not included in the word count and hence not charged for. Special quotes may also be possible.

Major formatting of heading levels, ToCs and the like is not included in this price.

The service we provide is value for money: it is thorough and meticulous. Editing is highly specialised and labour-intensive and a thorough double edit (reading the document at least twice but usually more often, concentrating on different facets) of five A4 pages or about 1500 words takes 45 minutes to an hour.

International Editing

In the past ten years we have edited documents from clients not only in South Africa but also in:

African Countries

Editing & Proofreading in Angola Angola
Editing & Proofreading in Botswana Botswana
Editing & Proofreading in Congo Congo
Editing & Proofreading in Ethiopia Ethiopia
Editing & Proofreading in Namibia Namibia
Editing & Proofreading in Nigeria Nigeria
Editing & Proofreading in Swaziland Swaziland
Editing & Proofreading in Uganda Uganda
Editing & Proofreading in Zambia Zambia
Editing & Proofreading in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

East Asia

Editing & Proofreading in Singapore Singapore

The EU

Editing & Proofreading in Germany Germany
Editing & Proofreading in Hungary Hungary
Editing & Proofreading in Netherlands Netherlands
Editing & Proofreading in Poland Poland